The Caftan Club

(Adapted from my stage play by the same name)

Log Line
The lives of four old gay college friends, now in their fifties and living in Palm Springs, are thrown into a madcap mayhem when another of their group shows up unexpectedly along with the ghost of Paul Lynde.

The Caftan Club Synopsis
CHRISTOPHER is in the middle of directing a benefit performance of Bye Bye Birdie to raise funds for his theatre company when the actor playing Mr. MacAfee drops out. He holds a séance with ROBERT and ALBERTO to raise the spirit of PAUL LYNDE to help Christopher learn the role. Just then, MOHAMMED arrives from Dubai looking for his lover PAUL ROBERTS. Madcap mayhem ensues with mistaken identities, misunderstandings, ghosts and a broken leg. And when Christopher’s lover, CHARLES shows up with his twinkie assistant, JASON, all hell breaks loose. It’s Sex in the City meets The Golden Girls all on Fantasy Island.

The actual Caftan Club came into being in 1998, when I moved to New York City and reconnected with three of my old college friends, Kevin, Robert and Chris. We were sitting outside in a café in the west village on 6th Avenue, watching all the cute young college boys stroll by when it struck me that we were oggling the youngins just like we were oggled when we were in college back in San Francisco in the 80s. We had become those old lecherous queens that we made fun of, sitting in their glass coffin on Castro Street. The glass coffin was our nickname for the bar Twin Peaks because the side facing the street was a wall of windows, and on the other side, sat all these old queens one step away from death. I immediately thought of Paul Lynde wearing a caftan and sipping some sort of alcoholic beverage, preferably one with ice so it could “klink.” Then and there we nicknamed ourselves the Caftan Club and canonized Paul Lynde as our patron saint. We began emailing conversations back and forth everyday while at work and switched to our own blog in 2005 as a less cumbersum way to continue our conversations. In early 2007, I decided to write a play inspired by the Caftan Club. And then in 2011, I decided to adapt it for the screen as I think it would make a really fun movie.