Old Leather Jacket

(In process)

Log Line
Two young actors on their way up fall in love but are soon torn apart by the business. Fame and fortune challenge their love of the art and each other. Will their love survive their success?

Nick and Simone meet on the set of Vampire Sorority Girls. They fall in love at the same time their careers begin to take off. They both get cast in Legal Ease, a law firm dramady. But not long after, Simone’s character kills off Nick’s and he’s left without work. Simone’s career takes off and she wins an Emmy, Nick gets cast in an independent film that ends up winning him an Oscar at the same time Simone learns that Legal Ease did not get picked up for a second season. As their careers take off, they drift apart, struggling to keep their love alive. It’s the last straw when Nick forgets to thank Simone as he collects his Oscar. She leaves and they are faced with the truth about their ambitions and their love. Nick follows Simone back to New York to win her love back. But is it too late? Has the damage been done? Can love survive ambition?

I created the characters of Nick and Simone for my short film, Empty. I had never met Adam or Laura before the auditions, but when we spent the day filming, I really enjoyed the way they worked together and loved their chemistry on camera. After seeing the finished film, I thought it would be great to see more of them together. I wrote them an email offering to write another piece just for them. We met and discussed ideas. This is the first time I’ve written a piece for two actors in collaboration. We decided to work on a piece about fame versus art. How actors begin their careers because they love the art of acting but often get lost in the fame and fortune of the business. We also wanted to explore what fame does to relationships. After a few drafts it became clear this is a feature length story.