Tuesday Morning



2014 Big Island Film Festival – Winner Best Short Film
2014 Dances with Films – Official Selection – Best Short Nomination
2014 New York City International Film Festival –  Official Selection
2014 We Make Movies Fest
2014 Pasadena International Film Festival – Official Selection
2014 Jasper Short Film Festival
2015 New Film Makers Los Angeles – Shorts Program 1
2015 Short Shorts at the Standard – September Program
2015 Laughlin International Film Festival – Special Program



Log Line

What if you wanted to disappear and then discovered you could?  But at a terrible cost.


RICK and JEWELS are married and in love — but their spouses don’t know it.  Every Tuesday morning, they skip work for a hotel rendezvous under the guise of a weekly client meeting.  After making love, they relive their fantasy of running away together until Jewels catches a glimpse of her wedding ring and is snapped back into reality.  As they get dressed they check their mobile phones to find both their spouses have been trying to reach them over and over again.   They argue over whose secretary told their spouses until Jewels reads her email and turns on the TV.  The Twin Towers have fallen.  Their spouses think they are dead.  It’s the perfect chance to live out their fantasy and no one would suspect.  Or is it?


While perusing the web, I came across this postcard on Post Secret and asked myself “who would do that and why?”
Tuesday Morning is one of the answers to that question.


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