Teenage Dream

I went to another SAG screening/Q&A last week. This one was Glee and Darren Criss who plays the part of Blaine. First off, I love Glee and I love Blaine, he’s the gay guy I wish I had been in High School. Confident, charming and really talented. Oh, wait, that was me. (In my dreams.)

I went to the screening just to see Darren in person. I figured he was going to be full of himself as most 24 year old newly famous actors tend to be. We all tend to have big egos when we’re in our twenties, and being famous usually feeds that ego to no end. The thing that Darren has in common with Blaine, is that he is also confident, charming and really talented. But his is also, more mature, really smart and socially aware. Oh, and he’s not gay. He started his theatre career in San Francisco and has many gay friends and here’s the part that really got me. He understands the significance of Blaine and is incredibly honored to be the fortunate actor who gets to play him. He knows that most actors want to play a socially significant part, a role that makes a difference. And he gets to, so early in his career. He likened his new found fame to being invited to a ball. Someone gave him an extra ticket. He got dressed up and showed up. He’s standing at the ball in complete awe and gratitude for the gift of getting to be there with all the fabulous people. He hopes he’ll get invited to the after party, but he knows this could be it. It was so refreshing to hear this young actor talk smartly and succinctly about his role and his good fortune.

Darren, as Blaine, gets to live my Teenage Dream.

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