Charming Baker

I went to another screening/Q&A last night. This time it was an episode of The Mentalist with Simon Baker. And again, I was pleasantly surprised. Forgive me for gushing, but what a charming, smart and adorable man. I can see why he’s where he is. If he walked in to my casting session, I’d cast him immediately.

I’m in the middle of watching the second season of The Mentalist on DVD. I hate commercials with a passion, so much so that I don’t have television. I watch everything online, on Netflix or on DVD. So, that means I usually have to wait about six months after a season finishes before I can start watching it. So, I’m a season behind on The Mentalist, but it doesn’t stop me from watching. I find the show quirky, fun and sassy. A little like Simon Baker.

Simon talked mostly about the episode we watched because he directed it. You could tell the difference from the other episodes because it was more “filmy”. Not like a regular TV episode. Wider shots, darker lighting, fewer close ups.

I enjoy these screenings and Q&As. What a gift they are to see the actors up close, talking about their work. I guess I have this little belief that people who “make it” probably have huge egos and have walked all over people to get where they are. And they certainly can’t be where they are just because they are actually good and talented people.

Consistently I am proved wrong, thanks to people like Simon Baker.

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