The Facebook Cocktail Party

Sometimes I write things on Facebook that are very personal.  And some of my friends have a strong reaction.  Not to what I say, but the fact that I say it on Facebook.  That I reveal feelings or opinions that they consider very personal and they are worried for me.  Either that it could somehow […]

Live and Love

Okay, I don’t know what it is, but I’m feeling inspired today.  Actually I do know.  It’s the fact that some of my friends are dealing with these issues and also because a family member of mine is struggling with cancer.  And I am reminded of what is really important in life.  Love. I just […]

Tray of Mahjong Tiles

The Four Winds

When I was a young boy, around the age of six I remember my grandmother, Barbara (Bobbie to her friends), and her two sisters Liddy and Ruthie playing Mahjong on an old folding card table in the middle of her living room of her tiny cottage in Palo Alto. The smell of eucalyptus wafting in […]

A New Leaf, A New Life

In 2008, I moved across country, partly on a whim, partly overdue.  I had been living in New York City for 10 years and for the last three of those years, I didn’t really want to be there.  But, I didn’t know where else to go.  I had moved there to pursue the dream of […]

Teenage Dream

I went to another SAG screening/Q&A last week. This one was Glee and Darren Criss who plays the part of Blaine. First off, I love Glee and I love Blaine, he’s the gay guy I wish I had been in High School. Confident, charming and really talented. Oh, wait, that was me. (In my dreams.) […]

Thank you Arthur Laurents

I have Arthur Laurents to thank for the genesis of my writing. I was in grad school telling my friend Ashok about a movie I really love, SUMMERTIME with Katherine Hepburn, written by Laurents. It’s about a spinster who, while on vacation in Venice, falls in love with a married man and has a short […]

Charming Baker

I went to another screening/Q&A last night. This time it was an episode of The Mentalist with Simon Baker. And again, I was pleasantly surprised. Forgive me for gushing, but what a charming, smart and adorable man. I can see why he’s where he is. If he walked in to my casting session, I’d cast […]

Stay Close to the Candles

I went to a screening of Raising Hope, the TV series with Cloris Leachman, tonight as part of the SAG Foundation series. I had heard how crazy Cloris is and expected to be weirded out by her, even though I’ve always adored her and loved her work. But, just because an actor is talented and […]

Without Sonya

I watched my Aunt die today. It was not what I expected. No “moment” just a sort of slow fading away without any real punctuation at the end. Her heart “fibulated”. It murmured. It sputtered. And there was no clear moment. Nothing like in the movies when the EKG flatlines and you hear a long […]

Just Like That

My phone rang late the other night, but I let it go to voice mail. When I checked the message the next morning, I learned a friend had died. A friend from years ago when I lived in New York City. I figured he must have had a heart attack or something. I felt sad, but having lost a friend […]

Let it Rest

I remember it as if it were yesterday. It was just before 9 a.m. and I was standing in the kitchen, making my usual egg white omelet when I heard a plane fly over head. It was so close I could hear the engines roar. This would be normal if you lived near an airport. […]

A New York State of Mind

I have decided to move to California after spending ten years in New York City. I’ve tried to make it work, but like many former New Yorkers I’ve finally decided to throw in the towel. I know for myself, I’ve never fully felt like I fit in. Apart from the sweltering summers, freezing winters, exorbitant […]