Absolving Grace

Finalist – International Talentscout and WriteMovies 21st Screenplay Competition
Semi-finalist – Outfest Screenwriting Lab 2010
Semi-finalist – Slamdance Screenplay Competition 2007

She was his mother in name only.
How do you forgive a stranger?

Short Synopsis
TAYLOR, a gay man, living in Los Angeles, working in an unsatisfying job, in an unhappy relationship learns that GRACE, the hippie mother he barely knew is lying in a coma 500 miles away.  When he finally decides to put his life on hold to go and say goodbye, things begin to fall apart.  Everyone seems to want something from him.  His best friend SUSAN wants him to come work in Seattle with her.  His boss KATE wants him to step up his game at work.  His fiance, GREG wants to open up their relationship.  An old friend of Grace’s, JACK, wants to get to know Taylor better and his estranged father, JAMES has decided it’s time to talk.  While everyone is vying for Taylor’s attention, he decides instead to figure out what Grace is holding on for.  As he meets the people in her life, he begins to learn more about her and comes to understand it’s not her who is holding on, but rather him.  He finally lets go and forgives her.  With new found courage, he confronts his father and learns yet another valuable lesson, ask before jumping to conclusions.  

Absolving Grace was the first screenplay I wrote — it was a learning process and a chatharsis.  It is based on and inspired by my own life situation and my mother’s passing.  When the event happened, I felt compelled to write it and so I sat down to write a play, which is a medium I knew well at the time.  But the story was cinematic in my mind.  I couldn’t see it on stage, only on the screen.  Therefore, I began the long journey of teaching myself how to write a screenplay with the help of people in my life at the time like Shirley Knight and Craig Belknap.  It’s a simple story with a universal theme – letting go sets us free – which when applied to our parents, can be profound.