I love a good story whether on a page, on a screen, or on a boat at sea, it doesn’t matter as long as it captures, inspires and surprises.  And so, I do what I love.  I tell stories.  Here’s one about me.

I was born in San Francisco in 1962 in between the beat generation and the hippie movement.  As you will see, this inbetweenness has fueled my life.  When I was three, I was tired of the big city and wanted to live in a quite logging town, so we moved to Astoria, Oregon where we reveled in the hippie movement living with patchouli incense, wooden hanging beads, macrame plant holders, myriad candles and of course daisy chains. 

Beach Bunny After a few years, I was done with communes, lumber mills and cold foggy beaches. So, at the age of 6, desiring to ride upon a magic carpet, I suggested Istanbul, an idea my father jumped on, not the carpet but the idea of really good hashish at a discounted price.  Two more years and it was London, England, of course. I had fallen in love with Tom Brown’s School Days and felt a need for a more formal education (pronounced ed-you-kayshun).  That only lasted six months as I had heard of the old pueblo of Albuquerque, New Mexico and wanted to learn the art of Native American Indian basket weaving and so we were off again.  Well, it only takes a few months to learn basket weaving so, feeling homesick, back to Oregon and San Francisco with a side trip to Reno, Nevada so my father could try his hand at Craps dealing.  That turned to crap, so off to Sydney, Australia.  Why not?  We’d tried all the other continents, well, two of them anyway.  Plus, who wouldn’t want to spend their weekends body surfing at Bondi Beach.  Well, after three years, which is really way too long to spend anywhere, I decided at the age of 14 to leave my father as he was getting too sedintary and returned to the States to finish high school.   After graduating, I decided it was time to return to my place of birth, San Francisco to get my Bachelor of Science in International Business.  With all that travel under my belt, I felt more than qualified.  I proceeded to throw that degree away and go to acting school, having had a taste of it one summer at the American Conservatory Theatre, where Dakin Matthews refered to my acting as “dangerous”.  I spent my mid twenties studying the Method of Physical Actions at the Phil Bennett Theatre Lab.  On to Los Angeles for two years with Los Angeles TheatreSports, now ImproTheatre.  Back to San Francisco where my acting career began to blossom, starring in The Man with Straight Hair at Theatre Rhino and my first film, Timepiece which played at the film festivals of Los Angeles, Tel Aviv and Toronto.   Back to Los Angeles, I told you I was always inbetween, where I went to the California Institute of the Arts, graduating in 1998 with my MFA in theatre performance.  While back in L.A. I wrote my first play, Missing Tonto which was produced as part of the New Plays Festival at CalArts.  And I starred in my second film, Poker which premiered at the Angelika in New York City. After graduating, you guessed it, off to New York to found AboutStage, a short lived theatre company dedicated to Global Queer Theatre.  During my ten years in NYC, I began directing, doing dramaturgy and screenwriting.  My first screenplay, Absolving Grace was screenplay competition finalist (WriteMovies) and semi-finalist (Slamdance and Outfest).

Inspired and tired of NYC, I moved back to Los Angeles in 2008 to pursue the adventure of screenwriting. Since I have been back, with the help of many people, I have completed two short films, Empty and Tuesday Morning and am currently writing a feature film about Astoria, Oregon.